Pine Lodge Blanket


Brand Pendleton

Our local Portland friends and neighbors at Pendleton keep us steeped in The Old West.

Pine Lodge pays homage to weekends at the cabin, exploring nature. Pine and leaf motifs evoke memories of waking with the birds, and afternoons spent hiking in the forest, the scent of pine in the air and needles crunching underfoot. Earthy and fiery shades recall evenings sharing tall tales around the campfire with stars shining overhead. 

  • Unnapped 
  • Ultrasuede® trim, twin is felt bound 
  • 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton 
  • Dry clean 
  • Made in USA

Product Dimensions:
Twin: 64 x 80 inches
Queen: 90 x 90 inches
King: 108 x 90 inches