Kitchen & Baking: Berry & Thread Whitewash


Brand Juliska

Berry & Thread is Juliska's signature pattern. Originally this elegantly rustic pattern was only available for the table, but it now available to outfit your kitchen.

Perfect for the kitchen, ceramic stoneware is made in Portugal and is oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Product Dimensions:
Covered Casserole 8"W, 4"H
Covered Casserole 9.5"W, 6"H
Square Baker 11"W, 2.5"H
Shallow Baker 13"L, 2"H
Shallow Baker 17.25"L, 2.5"H
Rectangular Baker 16"L, 9.5"W
Rectangular Baker 17.5"L, 14"W
Oval Baker 13"W, 2.5"H
Oval Baker 18"W, 3.5"H
Pie - Quiche Dish 11.5"W, 2"H
Individual Pie Dish 6.25"W, 1.75"H
Loaf Pan 11.5"W, 3"H
Muffin Pan 12.75"L, 7.25"W
Cake Stand 11.5"W, 4.5"H
Cake Stand 16"W, 7"H
Measuring Cup Set of 4
Measuring Cup 7"W, 4.25"H
Mixing Bowls Set of 3
Batter Bowl 11"W, 5"H
Prep Bowl 3"W, 1.5"H
Prep Bowl 4.5"W, 2.25"H
Prep Bowl 4"W, 2"H
Prep Bowl 5"W, 2.5"H
Ramekin 4"W, 2.5"H
Colander 11"W, 2.5"H
Colander Under Plate 12"W
Cookie Jar 6.25"W, 8"H
Butter Dish 8"L, 3.5"W
Spoon Rest 10.5"L
Utensil Crock 5.5"W, 8"H
Egg Crate 8.25"L, 4.75"W, 2"H