Brand Juliska

We love the everyday practicality and beauty of Carine. Heavy enough for everyday use, and elegant enough for special occasions, it's a useful component of our butler's pantry.

Product Capacity & Dimensions:
Red Wine Goblet 16 oz; 3.5"W, 8.5"H
White Wine Goblet 12 oz; 3.25"W, 8.25"H
Stemless Red Wine 15 oz; 3.75"W, 4"H
Stemless White Wine 14 oz; 3.25"W, 4.5"H
Tumbler 10 oz; 3.5"W, 4.75"H
Double Old-Fashioned 12 oz; 3.75"W, 4"H
Highball 12 oz; 3.5"W, 5"H
Beer 16 oz; 3.25"W, 6"H
Carafe 1.3 qt; 5.5"W, 10.25"H
Pitcher 2.25 qt; 5.5"W, 9.5"H