Berry & Thread Whitewash


Brand Juliska

Berry & Thread in Whitewash is a Juliska signature.

Ceramic stoneware is made in Portugal and is oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Product Dimensions:
Charger 14"W
Charger Scallop 13.5"W
Dinner 11"W
Dessert - Salad 9"W
Dessert - Salad Scallop 9"W
Dessert - Salad - Fish 9"W
Side 7"W
Tea Plate - Scallop 7"W
Pasta - Scallop 10"W, 2"H
Coupe Pasta 7.75"W, 2.75"H
Rimmed Soup 8.5"W, 1.5"H
Footed Soup 5"W, 3.5"H
Ice Cream Compote 5.5"W, 5"H
Coupe 6"W
Cereal - Ice Cream 6"W, 3.5"H
Berry 5.5"W, 2"H
Mug 3.5"W, 4.5"H
Cup 4"W, 3"H
Saucer 7"W
Saucer Scallop 7"W
Breakfast Cup 5"W, 3"H
Breakfast Saucer 7.5"W
Espresso Cup 2.5"W, 2.5"H
Espresso Saucer 4.5"W
Heart Cocktail Plate Set of 4 6.5"W
Salt & Pepper Set 3.5"H