Behind every great store is a great staff.

With so many enticing categories, spanning sofas to cocktail napkins and everything in between-- our staff knows their stuff. While we love shopping online, nothing beats the satisfaction of working face to face with an expert. 

And, while we have much of our product assortment online, there are so many one-of-a-kind and special items that require a visit to the store.

The Experts Lineup:

Anna: With a penchant for fashion and an eye for the chic, Anna brings her love of style and fashion to your space, and ours. A sunny afternoon, light breeze, and good music are an ideal recipe for Anna to go on a merchandising bender. She loves to craft and work a space, bringing a cool yet comfortable vibe to suit the personality of its owner. True genius ensues.

Cristine: Although Cristine hails most recently from the fine jewelry business, she has crafted a diverse portfolio in specialty retail and boutique shopping. She has her finger on the pulse of Portland and what makes this unique city go 'round. Not to mention, her charm precedes her. You can, and will, spend a late morning filling up on her expertise-- whether it be on jewelry, cashmere, or an insightful lunch recommendation.

Genevieve: Coming to us most recently from international skin care and cosmetics, Genevieve has her roots in all aspects of the theater. She is a true Renaissance woman, lending her creative talents to the store environment and identifying with some of the most amazing individuals to cross our thresh-hold. Genevieve knows how to get to the bottom of a design issue and will help you come up with an environment that is 100% you.

Aleta: Aleta may be the new kid on the block, but she is a gold mine of inspirational energy and a customer service guru. Having owned her own business for 17 years, she knows that listening to your needs goes a long way. With over five years in merchandising, she is also high on style and high on taste. You are in good hands with Aleta.